As part of the collaborative video workspace, Limecraft Review application enable you to set the verification status of a clip. Depending on the workflow configuration, setting the status can be used to start a specific workflow. This article explains how the verification status can be set.

How to set the Review Status?

Set the review status to efficiently communicate whether the clip conforms to the requirements or not.

1. Open the Review application 

2. The Review status is available above the commenting pane. 

3. Select the Review status from the dropdown list. 

Limecraft screenshot illustrating showing where to set the review status in the Limecraft Review app. You can find this functionality on top of the commenting pane.

NOTE: The review status is applicable for everyone collaborating on the clip. 

By default, the Review Status contains two alternatives: 'Approved' and 'Not Approved'. However, the verification statuses are customisable via the workspace settings by users with the workspace admin permissions.

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