1. Approve or disapprove a clip using the review status

The review status lets you set the clip to a certain status. Open the Review application (see How to access the Review application). At the top left, just below the header, you'll find the review status:

Click the status and a menu will appear with possible statuses. Select one in the menu to change the clip status.

It's important to note that there is only one review status for the clip. If you approve it, the clip is approved for everyone viewing the clip.

2. Custom review statuses

By default, you can pick from two statuses 'Approved' and 'Not Approved'. However, the statuses can be defined in the production settings to suit your needs.

Head over to the Production Settings:

Next, locate the Review option in the left menu:

In the Review settings, scroll down to find 'Review Status'. You'll find a list of statuses, which you can edit, sort or remove. You can add a new status by clicking 'Add Review Status'.

Go ahead and try changing the statuses to something that bests reflects your approval workflow!

3. Download the Review cheat sheet

Download the cheat sheet, print it, and hang it on your wall! Download the Review Cheat Sheet