The Video Sharing app of Limecraft Flow allows users to easily and securely share individual clips or collections of material with third parties without granting them full access in their Workspace. This article explains how you can collaborate on shared material by reviewing, approving and uploading* material.

*upload is available for shared collections only. Read more here

The selections when creating the sharelink determine which actions are enabled and whether name and/or password is needs to be filled out before accessing the content.

Name and password

For maximum security, it is recommended to set a password to access the content.

To have the name of the reviewer visible in the material on Limecraft Flow, name and email of the collaborator can be requested. 

Review and collaborate

The available actions via sharelink are determined partly when the sharelink is created as seen above, and partly through the productions settings for managing review settings. 

Based on these configurations, you can download, approve, comment and possibly take other predetermined actions on the share page.


To attach a comment to a specific timecode and location on the screen, click on the desired frame and location and start typing.

To save the comment, click outside the text field or press Shift + Enter. Your comment will be displayed in the sidebar:

Your comments will be displayed in the sidebar

Unpinned Comments

Another option is to press the '+ Add Comment' button at the left of the screen, or the light blue '+' button in the player controls (both do the same thing):


Clicking them will reveal an input box to enter your comment. Saving the comment is done by clicking save.  

Collaborate with mentions and replies

When typing your comment, you can type the @ character to reveal a list of people to mention. The list will contain other users with access to the share. Mentioning a user will send them a mail pointing to your comment on this video.

Want to reply to a specific comment? Hover over the comment in the sidebar on the right and click the 'Reply to this' button:

An edit box will appear in which you can type your comment. Press Shift and Enter keys simultaneously to save your comment (or simply click somewhere on the player frame).


When typing your comment, you can press the # character to reveal a list of tags. Select or type a tag from the list to add it. 

Read More on Review and Share

Customize the look and feel of the share page. 

Password protected Share links. 

Manage the review settings.

Download the cheat sheet, print it, and hang it on your wall! Download the Share Page cheat sheet