Since you are using Limecraft Flow for subtitling, chances are you are willing to use automatically created subtitles using Automatic Speech Recognition followed by creation of subtitles. Some people report being stuck with a blank sheet of subtitles, so we explain what might have happened and how you can solve it.

When you are in a situation depicted below, you or your colleagues might have launched the subtitling app prior to automatic speech recognition, and accidentally hit the instruction to 'Start writing Subtitles from Scratch'. It results in a blank sheet of subtitles, waiting for your input and It looks like the screenshot below.

The solution to get out is to "delete" the set of subtitles, and to recreate new subtitles based on the transcript.

To delete the subtitles, click the green arrow and select the option 'Delete Subtitles'. You'll get a dialogue asking you to confirm that you want to delete them. 

Once you have deleted the subtitles, you should see the inititial subtitle pane and you have different options to start working on subtitles as described in the article Automatic Subtitling. Please bear in mind that