Since you can add a lot of metadata to your clips in Limecraft Flow, chances are that you will want to export that metadata at one point in time. Some people report that, when they have exported their CSV file from Limecraft Flow and have imported it into a Google Sheet or an Excel file, the data doesn't transfer into a neatly organised table. Instead, it looks messy and unusable.

In that case, you have probably imported the CSV file without checking the separator that Google Sheets or Excel uses. We will show you how to adjust this below.

First of all, let's start at the beginning. Go to the collection that you would like to export the metadata from. Select all the clips that you want to export and click the export button.

A dialog will pop up, requesting you to choose the format in which you would like to export. Scroll down and select "Clip Metadata (CSV)". 

In the following dialog, you can select which information you would like to export and if you would like to include comments and/or transcriptions. 

Once you've changed this to your liking, click the Export button and a download will start. Save the downloaded file on your desktop and open up an Excel file or a Google Sheet. 

Click 'File' and then 'Import'. 

Select the file that you've previously downloaded and upload it. You should get a dialog like this: 

Here is where we need to set the separator type. You'll want to click on the Separator type and select Custom. Fill in the and you're good to go. 

Click on 'Import data' and you should get an organised table as shown below.